Coral Fragmentation kit

Pangea Rocks Reef Plugs are perfect for the propagation or fragmentation of hard and soft branching corals such as Acropora, Montipora,  ect. They are grey/yellowish in color, and come i 3 different sizes from 38 mm round for use with , 42 mm octagon stare( for use with rubberband) , or the large 68 mm and all fit into small cracks or crevices in live rock. They are made from low alkaline concrete with a high content of magnesium this mix has been shown to speed the spread of coral line algae growth and corals on the plugs

The plug are tapered on the side so the coral can easy spread from the plug onto the reef in you tank.

Coral frag propagation is a cost effective way to have more corals, but more importantly, it helps alleviate the demand placed on corals harvested from the ocean.

So start making your own corals

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