Artificial Corals

Artificial Pu Corals for saltwater.

Allows you to keep fish that is not compatible with live corals, or if you want to have more fish in the tank.

The corals is all hand made so small color variations can occur.

Pangea Rock is Europes only manufacturer of artificial coral for use in professional aquariums. Cast from originals in pliable polyurethane and they have all been extensively tested to ensure they are completely safe and non-toxic in all aquatic environments, not as many cheaper products produced in China. Our corals features the finest detail and color authenticity. We have over 300 different coral species, in a number of sizes and shapes, the Smaller corals here on  are available directly from stock in Denmark

Free Worldwide Shipping on orders above 100 Euro, Shipping time Normal 3-5 days

The rest can be ordered directly from,  Here Please allow 3-4 week for production and delivery.

Pangea Rocks Corals are handmade by Craftsmen in Denmark and are taken from a mould of a real coral, which makes them completely true to life.

With the Patented peg of the base the corals is easy to inserted into and remove the coral from the  rocks without using any kind of silicone or glue.

The color is embedded  uniformly throughout the material and not painted on as many cheaper products. The corals is easy to clean  with a brush in then tank  or even in a dishwasher, with a final rinse in freshwater before being put back into the tank.

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