Bag of 10 octagon  45 mm Coral frag plugs

Bag of 10 octagon 45 mm Coral frag plugs

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Coral Frag plugs

Pangea Rock  Coral Fragments mounts are perfect for the attaching coral frags including hard and soft branching corals such as Acropora, Birdsnest, Montipora, Kenya Trees, Xenia, etc. they are produced in concrete with a very high magnesium content, helping them grove fast and  sand it is a natural calcium based sand which has been shown to speed the spread of coralline algae growth and corals on the plugs,  they fit into the Pangea rocks Frag Rack or into small cracks or crevices in your aquarium’s live

Handmade in Denmark

Shipping, 3-5 days

The Coral fragments mount is made with a curved "roof" so it is very easy for the coral to grow down onto the live reef rock when installed in the tank.

All Pangea Rocks Coral fragments mounts comes with the panted peg which allows easy installment of the fragments inside the tank without using glue or other resin products, allowing the coral to be taken out of the tank or reposition, Just drill a 10 mm hole in your rock and slide the coral Fragments peg into the hole and allow the O-ring to lock it in place, or a 8 mm hole if you do not want to use the O-ring.

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